Safety first

My week started with a safety training. This training was quite interesting. First of all the guy who was giving us the training didn’t speak English so one of our coworkers had to translate to me and this other guy who was also new. The training started with a video that showed what to do and not to do when you start in a new job for example always ask if you don’t know something. The second video demonstrated that accidents happen and you can’t always prevent them. From that video things started to go weird. The video actually showed different accidents like people getting hit by a car or a tree falling on top of a building etc. Next he wanted to show us how quickly a fire can spread. This was demonstrated by showing a video of a football stadium burning down and people getting stuck inside it. We were also shown a video of a guy cutting his thumb of with a circle saw. I still quite don’t understand why do you need to show these kinds of videos to people who work in a office. After the training I had to sign two contracts. One which proves that I have done the safety training and other where I state that I accept the risks that I take when working in this company. Basically that I don’t sue the company if I spill some hot coffee on myself. This was a reminder that oh yes I work in a company founded in USA 😂

Everyday at about 11 am the doorbell rings and the lunch lady comes. The company called Slimak brings us sandwiches, lunch boxes, desserts and small snacks. They cost about 6-15 zlotys. My coworkers told me that this is pretty usual in Poland. Especially in bigger corporations.

On Friday I finally got my own laptop. It was frustrating to just watch orders, questions and emails rolling in and not able help. I also got a separate monitor which made working ten times easier. There is still a little down side to this. There are no extra desks in the office so there are now two girls working on same desk but somehow we managed to make it work. Luckily we get along so well that it doesn’t bother neither of us.

This is how our setup looks like 😀

The weekend came fast. On Saturday I walked around the town and on accident found a Christmas market. The market started from the Freedom Square and continued to the Old Market Square. There were different kinds of food and drink stands, carnival rides, Christmas music playing, stands where you can buy all kinds of Christmas stuff and a lot of visitors.

Sunday came and I decided to go to the Archaeological museum. They had exhibitions about Egypt and history of Poland and Poznan. After the museum I got myself a warm pretzel (the best one I have ever had) and walked around the city for a while and explored. You have to plan your Sundays early because as I have already mentioned most places are closed. Many restaurants are open but they are usually packed because seemingly many decide to go eat out on Sundays. Also cinemas and tourist attractions like museums keep their doors open


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