Greetings from Finland

On Friday I got some guests from home. My mom and dad came to visit me and the office. My dad is working for the company in Finland as a sales manager. So he works with team Scandinavian every day. But he has never seen team Scandinavia face to face. They also got to see the team leader, who is my supervisor, and our associate pricing manager , who also work with my dad almost every day. With this bunch we went and got dinner after work. The ”quick” dinner stretched to 3 hour dinner because we had so much to talk and laugh about. After dinner I took my parents to Christmas market, we walked around and grabbed couple of drinks in Cuba Libre.

Next day we went to Avendia. Mostly because they wanted to go to TkMaxx. TkMaxx is a store that sells surplus clothes from brand stores. We spend two hours going through the huge amount of clothes, bags and accessories they had. After that we were already so exhausted that the rest of the shopping trip went by quite quick. None of us had energy to go through rest of the stores that precisely.

In the evening we had to go and eat something. The solution was pretty close. There is a restaurant called Domu 5 meters from my front door.

Sunday was really cold outside. We tried to walk around for a bit and went to the Christmas market. We fooled our selves to go to the Ferris wheel at the market. We also found the royal castle of Poznan. It is now a days used as a Museum of applied arts. After a while we decided to go warm up in to a shopping center. That was when we noticed that it was the last Sunday of the month and all the stores were open. So we spend the rest of the day inside restaurants and cafes.

My parents’ train to Gdansk left in the evening and their flight to Turku departed next morning.


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