So this is Christmas 🎅🏻🎄

Polish really do take their Christmas seriously. The Christmas market that used to be just on Freedom square has now expanded to Old Market Square. There is also Christmas decorations everywhere you look. On the Old Market Square there was an international ice carving contest. There were contestants from different countries making these huge and... Continue Reading →

Greetings from Finland

On Friday I got some guests from home. My mom and dad came to visit me and the office. My dad is working for the company in Finland as a sales manager. So he works with team Scandinavian every day. But he has never seen team Scandinavia face to face. They also got to see... Continue Reading →

Safety first

My week started with a safety training. This training was quite interesting. First of all the guy who was giving us the training didn't speak English so one of our coworkers had to translate to me and this other guy who was also new. The training started with a video that showed what to do... Continue Reading →

Jungles, games and independence

The work week was usual and quite peaceful. I have started to create and approve the orders on my own and also communicate with the customers. It's funny to see how surprised Finnish customers are when they get answers and replies in Finnish. Usually they get their service in English. The programs that we use... Continue Reading →

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