What is the CoBLE Erasmus+ Project and why Raseko teachers are involved?

The unifying goal for CoBLE Project partners  is the need to empower teachers in VET to improve their pedagogical and digital skills and practices for the implementation of blended learning and further on to offer students individualized and collaborative online learning activities.

The project is focusing on

  • Improving teachers’ pedagogical competence to operate online with their students
  • Supplying the teachers with relevant agile and cooperative methods of work and digital tools
  • Creating online communities of teachers where they can jointly develop, learn from each other and exchange experiences
  • Empowering the students by providing them individualized learning and improved collaborative learning processes online
  • During the project participants will obtain recognition of their competences related to the modules Coble provides. The recognition is based on Open Badge concept

The Benefits of the CoBle Project for Raseko Teachers

On a Monday evening, we had an opportunity to spend some time with the project team. Teachers from Germany, Finland, Slovenia and Italy had the experience of a unique Elbe riverboat tour and guided walking tour of the city. It provided a great platform for teachers to learn about the culture and history of Hamburg.

In Tuesday’s training activity, all the project members gave a presentation of their work. Raseko teachers have been using multiple tools and processes that have been introduced along the CoBle project where the main working practice has been the combination of design thinking and carpe diem processes. The content of the developed course has been redesigned in a user-centered manner using the most suitable tools of these two design practices such as user insight collection by surveys, observation and empathy map. The work in general has been agile and we have been using digital tools such as Microsoft Teams, Forms and Google Jamboard for storyboard visualization which has made it easier for us to work both online and offline.

Wednesday was all about the teacher training. Our partners from Hamburg gave us an excellent workshop about Agile methodologies, where we had a chance to work in a scrum mode with an aim to build a LEGO Star Wars spaceship. We learned a lot and the day was fun.

The CoBle Project offers a unique opportunity for Raseko Teachers to gain new skills, knowledge and experiences while connecting with other teachers from different countries. It is a great way to develop a professional network while gaining insights into international education systems.

CoBle project is coordinated by HAMK – Häme University of Applied Sciences.

Project participants are:

  • Raseko
  • IFOA Istituto Formazione Operatori Aziendali
  • Berufliche Schule ITECH
  • CPI – Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training
  • Solski Center Novo Mesto


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