Internship at Bensone design shop

About Bensone

Bensone is a design shop in the heart of Modena, Italy. Bensone is divided into two stores which are Bensone design shop and Bensone Lab. Bensone design shop also has a coffee corner.  Bensone design shop has a rich selection of design products that blend into the local experience. The selection is practical and includes things like bikes, sportswear, bottles, cameras, and their own collection of products with prints like sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies and paintings. Bensone Lab sells brands like Amish, Rains and Freitag.

Bensone design shop
Bensone coffee corner


”Amish is the expression of the versatility of contemporary culture: it draws inspiration from art, music and cinema, but above all from people and new lifestyles that are constantly changing. Amish’s aesthetic arises from an aversion to everything static and schematic, shaping its identity towards a natural tension towards the new. with a nod to the past, Amish tries to redefine it to invent the future and communicate their vision of the world. new volumes, research in treatments and materials, quality and attention to detail: these are the focal points of the Amish brand.”


”Rains is an outerwear lifestyle brand. Its collections blend a conceptual-meets-functional design approach, a strong urban inspiration, and a signature fabric identity. A coated waterproof fabric palette inspired by Rains’ first design – a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic rubber raincoat. Rains brings its neo-Scandinavian aesthetic, unisex collections, and consistently surprising curation to consumers across four continents.”


”With a sewing machine in the kitchen and laundry in the bathtub: Oliver Gemperle, a former roommate of Daniel and Markus Freitag, tells us how the FREITAG story began back in the early 90s.  

FREITAG has come of age and is synonymous with Zurich’s ascent as a stylish and lively metropolis. FREITAG stands for innovation, creativity and environmental awareness. But that’s another story, the FREITAG story. And I’ll leave it to FREITAG’s marketing professionals to tell it.”

The Owners of Bensone are Ennio Sitta and her wife Veronica Barbieri. They have two employees, Camilla Olivieri who works at Bensone design shop. And Edoardo Sitta who works in the Bensone Lab. Edoardo is Veronica´s and Ennio’s oldest son. 

What have I been doing in Bensone

During my internship, I´ve mostly been printing prints and making stamps.  Also been packing orders and gifts, taking care of the store and reorganizing places. I would have loved to do customer service but since the language barrier that is not possible. For me, it would not be a problem but the customers usually don’t understand English very well since English is not a largely used language in Italy, especially in a little city like Modena. 

Making a print with Photoshop for a Michelin star restaurant located in Verona


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